Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Cupcake Chic wedding Cake!

So even though it has been 7 months, I am finally now writing about my wedding reception!
  The picture on the left is our wedding cake. Both my husband and I don't like frilly wedding cakes. In fact, we tried to find a cake topper of Jack Skellington and Sally for the top, but they were too expensive. Luckily we knew about this incredible shop called Cupcake Chic.

     They were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. The recipes were so fresh and the cupcakes actually tasted like what they were named!
  As an added bonus the owner and manager let me pick out the cupcake tower I wanted to use. She let me pick the ribbon I wanted for my wedding, which she then glued to the tower.I picked the pleated mint green ribbon, which you can see. 
   I also had the option of pics to go on top of the cupcakes that I could pick out from a website. I had some gorgeous craft butterflies from Michael's so I used those instead. She also offered to change the frosting color to match my wedding colors, but I really liked the mismatched colors.
  My favorites were; coconut, cinnamon, lemon(which has real lemon peel in it), and the oh so delicious peppermint! The owner was awesome and let me choose as many flavors as I wanted! So I picked about 8 and I was able to pick summer flavors. She then printed the flavors on a sign and framed it so that my guests would know what they were getting. 
    I was beyond pleased! Everyone got a choice of their flavors and they LOVED the cupcakes. I still love going to the shop, especially to taste some of the seasonal cupcakes!
These photographs were done by Justin Hackworth.